Saturday, October 27 - 8:00 am

Congratulations to our Finalists!

12 & under                                                  Female Division                                            Male Division

1st Place Easton Jarreau 20:29               1st Place Megan McCuollum 25:05            1st Place Clarence Johnson 19:37

2nd Place Gabe Melancon 27:05            2nd Place Jada Alexis 26:18                        2nd Place Kendall Matassa 20:31

3rd Place Blake Alexander 28:44           3rd Place Katie Berchak-Irby 29:08          3rd Place Russ Bourgeois 21:02.

Nun Run 5K Contact: Mike Frederic 225-202-054


Thank you for making the 2018

La Fête des Bayous such a great success!